Eve is a rough’n’tough true blue Ozark wild child. She roams the Ozark foothills with no semblance of a care in the world. All of the company she needs is the critters and the trees. Which mind you, she can speak quite fluently to all of them.


Hieronymus is an old goat. In fact he might be the oldest goat, and not just to Eve, but to folks everywhere. He is cantankerous and silent. In fact he never speaks, to Eve or anybody else. Despite that, he is easily Eve’s best friend.

The only other personfolk in the region aside from Eve is Paw Duncan. As you might assume he is in fact her paw.  Unlike Eve, he doesn’t talk to animals or trees or any critters or ghosts. It’s either cause he can’t see them, or he just finds them to be nonsense.