Special Eve of the Ozarks comic for all you lovely folks.

I’m not usually much for using my comics as a soapbox. And I try to keep it subtle if I catch any of my politics start dripping into my work. I like to think of myself as a storyteller, not a preacher.

Basically I’ll keep it short and sweet. A large CAFO swine farm capable of to 6,503 pigs got an ADEQ permit on the edges of a Buffalo National River in Newton County Arkansas. Which as you might have guessed is the setting for Eve of the Ozarks (albeit in the early 1800s) and Backwood Folk. It was sneaked past the community and just generally a raw deal. As it can put a ton of pig waste into one of the most beautiful locations in the state.

Anyways, there’s more information here at the Buffalo River Alliance It has a more detailed account of what’s going on, and a calendar of events, and the like.

I’m not much of a protester or speechifyer, but I do draw comics.

(also why the pig’s are Spanish has little to do with the farm admittedly, but it is me nerding out, I kinda hint at why in the Po’Dunk History segment I did for Backwood Folk)